2016’s “Giving Away the Farm” Sweepstakes Winner Update!

June 21, 2017

Pete Heinrichs of Graettinger, Iowa was the winner of our 2016 sweepstakes and we featured him in a blog post in January.  Since then, he has been working with his Morton sales consultant, Dylan, to plan his new building.  In May, we delivered Heinrichs’ Bad Boy® Off Road Stampede™ 900 4x4, as well as his Exmark Lazer Z X-Series mower. 

As the owner of Midwest Technology Services, Heinrichs plans on using his new building for both business and pleasure. 

“Our business is we sell and install voice-over IP phone systems, voice and data cabling, intercom systems for schools, and we plan on using the building for a shop for our vehicles and storage for stock and back stock for our business,” he said. “I just wanted to make sure it was tall enough that we could put whatever inventory or vehicles we wanted to store in the building.  And also, my kids are in high school, so we’re actually putting a basketball hoop in there so in the wintertime they can go there and shoot hoops.”

During this planning phase, he’s been very pleased with Morton Buildings.

“I really had no idea what to expect to work with Morton, but what I have learned, it’s been pleasurable,” he said.  “Working with Dylan, he’s been there every time I’ve needed him or questions to ask or what not, and he’s explained the process, what I need to do on my part and what they’ll do when they show up on their part.”

Heinrichs selected his new building to be ivory and maroon, and is very excited to see how it’s going to look.  He can already imagine the convenience the shop will provide for his business.

“I’m looking forward to having another place that can store our back stock and our incoming stock for new jobs.  It’s going to be heated so we’ll be able to clean our vans out and wash our vans out too in the wintertime as well, so it should be nice.”

And what does he think of his new 4x4 and mower?

“The mower will probably cut an hour off our mowing time here at the office,” Heinrichs said. “The side by side, we’ll probably get a blade for it in the winter and push snow and let the kids play with it too.  It’s a very high quality piece of equipment.”

This year’s “Giving Away the Farm” sweepstakes will begin on July 11, 2017 and will conclude on October 19, 2017.

“I encourage you to go sign up for the Morton Buildings’ “Giving Away the Farm” sweepstakes,” said Heinrichs.

Stay tuned for our next update when his building is complete!

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