The Perfect Fit For a Small Community

November 17, 2016

The Gallupville Fire Department originated in 1942 in the small New York town of Wright, starting out in an old schoolhouse. Various expansions over the years allowed the department to expand, but limited space forced the department to operate in two separate facilities.

Not exactly an ideal operation for a line of work that relies on precise organization and swift response times.

In growing need of a solution, the community landed a six-figure grant in 2005 for the construction of a new facility that would adequately host all five firefighting apparatuses the town operated.

Enter Morton Buildings. The fire department ultimately constructed a 5,400-square-foot insulated facility with Morton that has given the community a state-of-the-art facility that will perfectly suit its citizens.

“Before we sent out building out to bid, we had looked at several different facilities in the area,” Wright Fire Commissioner Lisa Boomhower said. “We were very happy with the reputation that Morton Buildings had given themselves basically for the quality work and quality construction that their buildings had shown.”

“We were very happy with the way the building was put together, the way it was erected, the insulation, as well as the appearance.”

The interior of the building includes four bays across the front with a fifth bay located on the side of the building. Ample storage space is located near the bays to store the firefighters’ gear. The area also includes a decontamination room mandated by OSHA guidelines. The facility also includes unisex bathrooms, administrative space, a conference room, mechanical rooms, a kitchen area and a radio room that includes FCC radio.

The building includes Morton’s Energy Performer insulation system. It also features propane-based, in-floor heating from a boiler system.

The exterior, lauded by Boomhower because “it looks like a firehouse,” showcases many of Morton’s standard products. Hi-Rib steel, a cupola, a porch and brick wainscot highlight the package.

“We have had wonderful feedback,” Boomhower said. “Everybody thought that the building itself was beautiful. We are a small department. We do not run a lot of calls during the year. We average about 80 calls. We needed something that would fit our budget and be cost-effective for the taxpayers.”

“The end result was wonderful and everybody thinks that it fits in nice, that it’s kept nice, that it has weathered nice. Obviously, we live in the northeast, we have four seasons and we can have some pretty nasty weather. That building has withstood all that. It looks almost like it did the day it was done.”

Boomhower and the rest of department have kept the doors open for visitors, including out-of-town fire departments in search of a new facility that just want to see how it looks. Morton’s product and reputation have made the facility a shining star in the small east-central New York community.

“The quality of this building we’re very, very happy with. The building itself just the way it looks … it’s really almost very perfect for us.”

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