Building a Legacy

April 21, 2012

Steve has four structures constructed by Morton Buildings on his northeast Indiana farm, but his first encounter with the company came long before he put up any of those buildings.

It all started in 1974 when his father had Morton build a shop for his family farm.

“I’ve always felt the quality that Morton has is top notch,” Steve said. “We like things that are built with good quality in mind.”

Steve continued the family tradition in 1998 when he had Morton construct a building with living quarters, cold storage and a shop with Morton’s Energy Performer® package.

Since then he’s added two more Morton buildings on his property. Steve used the same color scheme from the 1998 building for ones constructed in 2009 and 2010.

“The paint process Morton uses on the steel is second-to-none and keeps it from fading and it still looks fresh as it did 14 years ago,” Steve said. “You can’t tell the wear from the building that was built in ’98 from the one in 2009.”

The structures all have different uses on his family’s farm. One building houses a barber shop, a place to work on his cars, an upstairs living quarters as well as cold storage.

The building adjacent to it also has Morton’s Energy Performer package, it houses his semi-truck and additional farm equipment. Steve’s newest building is a machine storage shed that protects all of his farm equipment.

His family’s property is tied together with a Morton pavilion that overlooks their pond and sits perfectly between two of Steve’s buildings.

Fittingly, a John Deere tractor that Steve restored is under the pavilion.

“It kind of gives a nice backdrop to the other buildings,” Steve said. “Something for more of decoration or you can fish off the pier. I have a lot of comments on the pavilion. People think it’s pretty neat with the tractor under it.

“If I were to sell my place and people come to look to buy and they see the Morton name on it, I feel that it adds value to my property,” Steve said. “I’ve always felt that and people know that when they see a Morton building that they feel the quality is there.”

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