Building Value Days is Here!

February 6, 2017

"Building Value Days" is our annual sales event that runs through the end of February.  We interviewed Sean Cain, Executive Vice President and General Manager of Morton Buildings for all the information you need to know about this great event.

The History of Building Value Days (BVD)

BVD actually started in the mid-1960’s.  At the time is was called “Donut Days”.  Morton Buildings invited the public to stop by their local construction center, and enjoy a hot cup of coffee, a donut and meet their local sales team.  By the late 70’s, it was changed to Morton Buildings annual, “Open House.”  While the concept was still the same as “Donut Days”, Morton Buildings also began incorporating special incentives into the event, in order to provide our customers with great pricing on their new project.  In the mid 2000’s, Morton Buildings changed the name officially to “Building Value Days”.  This was done in order to emphasize the building project itself, while highlighting the fact that we still provide the best pricing of the year, for those that act now and build later.  One of the other things we have incorporated into BVD is to have a two-day open house for our existing owners to come in, talk about their project and re-connect with their local team as a way of us saying “thank-you” for your continued support and business.  Over the years there have been a number of incentives ranging from watches to gold coins, savings bonds, free windows, knives, brooms, door mats, hats and most of all, instant rebates. 

How BVD Works

Typically during BVD, Morton Buildings reaches out to our large database of potential and existing customers, in order to let them know that now is the time to begin thinking about and scheduling their projects for the upcoming year.  The event runs from January until the end of February, and we encourage all who are interested to contact their local sales consultant.  This gives each customer a chance to discuss their project, find out what is new, or re-connect with their sales consultant and discuss any potential projects that may come along in the next year.  And due to the high number of projects that are sold at this time, the earlier a commitment is made by the customer, the better our availability of delivery and construction for them. 

How BVD Benefits the Customer

The customer is able to plan and schedule any construction project for the upcoming year now and not be burdened with the issue later in the year, when they may be able to be more productive doing other things.  Most of our customers have limited time and it is valuable to them.  Many customers are much like us, and would rather be focusing their attention in other areas when the weather improves. Originally, the timeframe for BVD was selected largely on agricultural needs, and while that is still a significant portion of who we serve, we also find that the same timeframe is favorable to almost any business or individual that may want to construct a building during the upcoming year.   Most importantly, there is an incentive to buy now, as BVD allows for some of the best pricing during the year.

If you would like to join the collection of more than a quarter-million satisfied customers that have decided to build Morton, visit our Building Value Days page to get started or contact your local sales office!

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