Creating an Efficient Layout for Catoctin Vet Clinic

July 12, 2017

For new vet clinic construction, the interior layout and flow is key to the long-term success of the building.  And it’s just as important to work with a construction partner who understands this and can deliver a one-of-a-kind building for your unique needs.   This was certainly a driving factor for Catoctin Vet Clinic in Thurmont, Maryland when buildings its new 20’x10’x80’ vet clinic.

“The building was a process where we had some idea of what we wanted to do and Morton helped us with that, said Jonathan Bramson, DVM. “Our vet clinic is laid out so that there’s a reception area and waiting room area.  The treatment room is in the middle of the clinic and then we have a surgery room off the treatment room, and we have x-ray off the treatment room.  The treatment area is centrally located and easy to get to the major other rooms we use.”

The building features Morton’s Hi-Rib steel, a cupola, dormers, gable entry, stone wainscot, windows with shutters, and Morton’s Energy Performer insulation package. 

Vet clients such as Catoctin use Morton designBUILD’s project delivery method as it provides single-source responsibility, integrated design, collaborative construction planning, and accelerated schedules.

Dr. Bramson did his due diligence before selecting a design and construction firm and sought help from other veterinarians. 

“I first heard of Morton Buildings from some over vet clinics in the area that were built by them, especially a friend’s clinic in this county,” said Dr. Bramson.  “The overall flow of the building, the way it’s set up, everything worked out well and we’re happy with that.” 

Watch the video below for a tour of the layout of Catoctin Vet Clinic:


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