Man Cave Madness

March 19, 2013

The NCAA Tournament is close to starting. Your bracket is filled out and is probably just moments from being busted.

The clock is winding down to tipoff and the big question is, where are you going to spend the next three weekends binging on basketball?

If you are settling for the bar or your buddy’s house, maybe it’s time for you to make that man cave you’ve probably been dreaming about for quite some time.

All you need to get started is a spare room, space in the basement or in some cases you have the luxury of having a building constructed.

Either way, start by browsing through our hobby building page as well as our Morton Man Caves album. There you’ll find both interior and exterior photos that will spark some ideas for your MANsion.

Depending on your tastes, This Old House has laid out some distinct fantasy spaces in detail that include a sports den, listening room and a wired workshop.

At this point you’ve got some ideas, so it’s time to take a look at the space you’ve allotted for your man space.

DIY Network offers 10 Tips To Designing and Building the Ultimate Man Cave. They have some helpful tips ranging from being realistic about your assessment of space and function to proper budgeting.

In many cases, the TV is the main attraction. You’ll want to check out this step-by-step guide of how to set up a home theater.

Memorabilia and game tables also play a big role. The DIY Network show, Man Caves, have some unique ideas such as how to build a custom poker table and turning stadium seats into bar stools.

Now that you have some ideas and a few tips, it’s time to get started. Perhaps your man cave will be ready to go by the college football bowl season, the Super Bowl or next year’s NCAA Tournament.

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