The Power of Morton's Energy Performer Package

July 6, 2012

Charles is very detailed-oriented.

You could even call him a perfectionist.

He had Morton Buildings construct his dream home five years ago on his sprawling property.

With beautiful finishes on the inside and a log-cabin style look on the outside, the residence fits neatly in the Oklahoma countryside.

However, he was skeptical about including one thing in his home: Morton’s Energy Performer® insulation package.

The Energy Performer package combines wide blankets of insulation, a vapor barrier and proper ventilation, to create a superior insulation system that outperforms others on the market. The Energy Performer package is able to keep the interior of the building at a consistent temperature with minimal heating and cooling needs.

“They told me when they built this house I could probably heat and cool it for an average of $100 or $120 per month,” said Charles, who has a 42 x 60 home with a 22-foot ceiling. “I thought that probably makes a good selling point but they’re probably going to be wrong.

“I didn’t believe how good it was going to be.”

The energy bills started coming and Charles quickly realized that his Morton Buildings sales consultant was right about the home’s monthly utility costs.

Then, two winters ago the insulation system got put to the test when his home lost power for seven days.

He was able to comfortably heat his home with a six-burner stove.

“Since then we’ve done away with a lot of the electrical products,” Charles said. “We have a wood burning stove with a blower and a pellet stove and it’s unbelievable how cheaply you can heat a house with high ceilings if it’s constructed well.

“You can shut everything off and leave it and it doesn’t get within 25 degrees of the outside.”

Nelson, another Morton owner, quickly realized those advantages after having the Energy Performer package installed.

He has a 7,000 square foot hangar with attached shop and spends less than $100 per month on his energy bill.

“I can have meetings in there in the summertime,” Nelson said. “My granddaughters love to play in here. At 95 outside it’s only 70 inside. So we use it all year round and the granddaughters consider it their building when they’re here.”

From a business perspective, Energy Performer is a good investment. Larry owns a commercial facility with an office and shop in central Illinois.

He installed the Energy Performer package as a money-saving measure since he has to heat and cool such a large area.

“I think the highest utility, gas bill I’ve ever had was $300 and my house is a lot more than that and I don’t have 12 x 12 doors going up and down all day,” Larry said. “Its way exceeded what I expected. I figured it would be twice that but it’s way less.”

Whether it’s your home or business, you’re always looking at the bottom line. And the bottom line is that the Energy Performer package helps Morton owners save money on their monthly utility bills.

“It’s just incredible,” Larry said. “The other buildings, I don’t think anybody could have even come close to matching this.”

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