Weathering the Storm

June 14, 2012

Steve’s building had the amenities he always dreamed about: an expansive shop to work on his equipment, an office to meet with vendors and a cold storage area to house his tractors and combines.

It was also a good place to have a party. The building was just two months old when they held a fourth of July celebration in their Morton farm building.

The next day, his building was nearly destroyed. Steve and his wife were driving back to their Sumner, Nebraska home from a nearby town when they ran into a storm with hail, high winds and pouring rain.

The worst part of the storm was a tornado that hit his family farm.

“When we did finally make it home here, there was enough lightning flashing and we didn’t have electricity or anything,” Steve said. “We looked over toward this building and saw that the grain bin was gone, the pivots were flipped over and the roof was tore off the work area and water was just pouring in. Looked pretty sickening.”

Steve felt somewhat relieved when he remembered that his Morton Buildings sales consultant told him that his building had a five-year wind load warranty.

Even though a tornado came through and destroyed most of the building, it was going to be repaired for free.

“It was pretty devastating, but we called up the sales rep and he came right out with some technicians and got it scoped it out,” Steve said. “They ordered supplies, got things rolling rebuilt the structure for us, which I thought was pretty impressive.

“If this would’ve been a brand x, we would’ve been totally reliant on our insurance to take care of it.”

Since his building has been repaired, Steve now enjoys having the extra space he didn’t always have.

“Years ago we had a little shop. It was alright 30 years ago when equipment was four row to six row. Agriculture is expanding and farms are getting bigger, so now we run 12 and 24 row equipment,” Steve said. “Bigger combines, everything is taller and wider and it’s really nice to get the equipment in the building to be able to work on it all year round.

“It’s just made us more efficient as a farming operation. It starts with your shop and your office.”

And a written warranty that’s unmatched in the building industry.

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