Minnesota Family Wins Morton Building

March 11, 2013

The 2011 Morton Buildings “Giving Away the Farm” winner almost didn’t claim his grand prize.

Mike Hitchcock and his family registered to win a Morton building on their yearly trek to the Minnesota State Fair.

A few months passed, and then came the phone call letting Mike know that he was the winner.

Except that he didn’t remember that he entered the sweepstakes.

Mike thought it was a trick and didn’t return the call.

“You don’t think anything of winning a building,” Mike said.

Then the second phone call came telling Mike that if he didn’t respond, the building would be given to someone else.

After doing some memory jogging with his wife and daughter, he remembered that he had in fact registered to win a Morton building.

“Wow, what a blessing, we have literally won a barn and we get to design whatever we want,” Mike said.

From there, he had to decide what type of building he wanted to construct adjacent to his home in Osseo, MN.

Mike wanted a place for storage and where he could work on his vehicles or snowmobile during the cold winters.

He also knew that his daughter, Elizabeth, had always wanted horses.

So dad and daughter compromised and built the best of both worlds. The Hitchcock’s had Morton construct a 24’W x 10’H x 30’L storage building with two horse stalls.

“I’ve always wanted a barn,” Elizabeth said. “If you would ask me, I didn’t think it would be possible to be given the barn, so that was such a cool thing.

“I was so excited to see it built. I wanted it up as soon we could.”

The finished product has a classic red and white barn look with several distinct features including a porch, turkey tail, cupola, Morton’s Diamond ‘M’ sliding doors and dutch doors.

View More Photos of Mike's Building

“Now we get top of the line everything,” Mike said. “The sliding doors are awesome. I can drive a truck back in there. I can bring in the snowmobile, bring in the bobcat in there. We can do everything with the sliding doors.”

The Hitchcock family now has a building that they can enjoy for years to come.

“If I wanted to get the best building there was, I would build a Morton building, unquestionably,” Mike said.

Do you want to win a Morton building? Visit us at a trade show this summer and enter to win!  

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