A Building for All Seasons

August 3, 2017

Seasons Gastropub is a restaurant in Morton, Illinois, located just down the street from our headquarters.  Occupying the old space where Main Street Deli was located for 18 years in the heart of downtown Morton, the existing building was renovated and a 4,800 square-foot addition was attached.  With 10 glass garage doors that open onto an outdoor dining area, high ceilings and perforated ceiling panels to optimize the acoustics of live bands, and a separate banquet room downstairs that can accommodate up to 80 people, this unique building isn’t what’s considered a usual Morton building.

When looking to construct his new restaurant, owner Sam Parrott knew that Morton Buildings was the only choice.  “Morton Buildings has built four other buildings for me throughout the years, so I currently own four other Morton buildings,” said Parrott.  “I probably built my first building 25 years ago with Morton and literally have never had any issues with any of my buildings.”

 Parrott had a pretty clear vision of how he wanted the restaurant designed, but sought Morton’s experts to ensure that what he had in mind would work structurally.  The glass garage doors give the building a different and unique look, but posed a bit of a challenge when engineering the space.  “All of the garage doors took a lot of the structural strength out of the building so they really had to strengthen up all of the other support areas,” said Parrott.  “It’s very solidly built. They build a quality product.” 

Since opening in January of 2016, the gastropub has been well received in the community, and hosts many return customers.  “Many people come here not only for the atmosphere, which I think is different and appealing, but also, we have a very good chef,” said Parrott.  “The name of the business is Seasons for a reason. We change the menu every quarter, every season, to change it up to deliver seasonal type foods; the freshness is important.”

With such an authentic and everchanging menu, the delight is sure to continue with this uniquely designed restaurant. Seasons is a place where everyone can come together and enjoy the external and internal details of a special building.

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