June 18, 2013


Radiant heating systems are considered by many as the ultimate form of comfort heating.  Unlike many systems that directly heat the air, radiant floor heating gently warms the surfaces of objects in the room as well as the air itself. The warm surfaces significantly reduce the rate of heat loss from the occupants, allowing most to feel comfortable at room temperatures 3 to 5 deg. F. lower than with other methods of heating.

Dan, a farmer from Garner, Iowa, loves the in-floor heat in his Morton Buildings shop. “The comfort of the heat, the efficiency and no fan noise, no furnace noise… it’s a great benefit.”

Brett, who owns a seed dealership in Allison, Iowa also uses in-floor heat in his office area.  He has customers that have loved it and recommended that form of heat.

“Seems very efficient. I like the way it heats from the bottom up,” Brett said.  “Our monthly bills are probably less than what they would be with forced air.”



The air temperature at floor level is slightly higher than the average room temperature. This significantly reduces the rate of heat loss from the feet and legs. Several feet above the floor, the air temperature begins to decrease. Most people tend to feel more alert with slightly lower air temperatures at head level. The lowest air temperatures in the room typically occur just below the ceiling. The result is reduced heat loss through the ceiling insulation producing lower heating costs.


NAME: Dan Wood


BUILDING SIZE: 81'W x 20'H x 150'L


WHAT'S INSIDE: Insulated shop, offices, living quarters, in-floor heat, air lines

FROM THE OWNER: "In today's farming, you have to have a farm shop. In this don't have to be forced to do maintenance out in the cold weather."

NAME: Brett Langfritz

LOCATION: Allison, Iowa

BUILDING SIZE: 36W' x 9'H x 36'L + 54'W x 17'H x 120'L

BUILDING USES: Seed dealership

WHAT'S INSIDE: Cold storage, office area, in-floor heat

FROM THE OWNER: "We kinda had a vision of what we  wanted to do...(salesman) had some really worked out wonderful."

To get more ideas for your farm shop, browse through photos of Morton's insulated shops

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